Nearly 2,000 workers on the PORTS D&D Project in Piketon, Ohio have been riding a rollercoaster of uncertainty for the past few years as the Department of Energy (DOE), Congress and the President make budget decisions that have a huge impact on the kitchen tables throughout this community.

Over the past year site personnel, business owners, community leaders and union leadership have joined together to ask the DOE and the Ohio Congressional Delegation to fully fund the accelerated clean-up of the site promoting reindustrialization and they have responded!

We understand there are many decision makers who are not from southern Ohio or familiar with our community. It is because of this reason we have gathered business and civic leaders within our community to tell our story in hopes to reach hearts and minds the next time budget decisions are made in Washington D.C.

We are proud of our community and proud of the work happening at the PORTS D&D Project!


The Pike County and Portsmouth Area Chambers of Commerce

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